67004 Bestway 203x183x22 cm Honingraat Gevlokt Luchtbed Snelle Lading Thuis & Outdoor Air Matras Koning Size Horizon Luchtbed voor Dubbele

67004 Bestway 203x183x22 cm Honingraat Gevlokt Luchtbed Snelle Lading Thuis & Outdoor Air Matras Koning Size Horizon Luchtbed voor Dubbele

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GOOD NEWS : 1.Shipping 50% OFF by Aramex to INDIA,UNITED ARAB EMIRATES,SAUDI ARABIA,QATAR & KUWAIT,only betwwen 0329~0402!2.New channels of "Import Duty Prepaid" to some countries like Russia,South Asia,Europe etc.   Please consult us after your orde placed.      Bestway 67004 flocking mattress Number : 67004 Specifations : 20318522 Weight : 9.73 KPackaging : 2 PCS/CTNVolume : 0.03 cub meters Bearing : 295 KMaterial : 0.57 MM surface, at the bottom of 0.36 MM content- smooth and comfortable flocking surface Screw air plug for quk charging and discharging- tough round sling structure Both indoor and outdoor And with strong repair paper- color box packaging
Function :
1, suitable for home and outdoor leisure, filling, air rapid and easy to carry easy to use.
2, according to the needs of human body posture soft limit, completely fit the body.
3, can replace the traditional mattress, good permeability of surface flocking and bump design allows users to sleep more comfortable at the same time to ensure that the.Characterist
1, tough the rapid inflation qukly become a comfortable mattress
2, the product adopts imported PVC and advanced flocking cloth, has the advantages of high flexibility and durable
3, when gathering small volume convenient storage space is not occupied
5, can according to the human body and the mattress, sleeping bones can perfectly fit to maintain the best sleep state
6, to play for children to provide safe and convenient facilities
7, can be adjusted by the size of the bed body soft hardness
8, clean and convenient, bed body dry
9, can replace the traditional bed, waterproof, sunscreen, anti pressure
10, the product has a constant pressure, high elastity, not easy to deformation
11, in case of emergency can be used as a life-saving tool for water (this product is strtly prohibited when the use of water supplies)
12, small size and easy to carry. Reminder
1 inflatable use, the use is completed, can be stored after the release of air. Please do not use washing machine, hair dryer, and chemal agents for cleaning.
For the first time in 2 inflation after 24 hours, because the PVC material has been adapted to play the inflatable requirements, may produce weak slack, as long as the amount of air can be solved.
3 inflation amount, should not be too full, so as not to cause damage to the drum package.
4 avoid the sofa placed in the flame and high temperature objects.
5 avoid pets on the sofa to play, and to keep the ground level of the sofa, to avoid sharp object injury sofa.

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